Tobacco Costs Are Rising And Falling Between Rs 5 And Rs 10 a Kilograms

Tobacco Costs Are Rising And Falling Between Rs 5 And Rs 10 a KilogramsTobacco costs are rising and falling between Rs 5 and Rs 10 a kilograms every week at various auction platforms during the last 1 month.

The primary reason credited for the change is that the harvest size is massive at around 130 million kilograms against authorised crop size set at 97.95 million kilograms as well as when major tobacco firms come down on the market prices move upward sharply and while small and medium firms enter the costs are correcting.

?This change has resulted in several farmers waiting on hold the crop confused regarding when to sell their manufacture,? said Mr T Vikram Raj Urs, a tobacco cultivator as well as secretary-Federation of Karnataka Tobacco Growers Association-farmer.

At the conclusion of the 124-day of auction (March 7), around 83.67 million kilograms (8.24 lakh-bales) of FCV tobacco-variety have been sold in Karnataka, by having an average cost of Rs 96.10 a kilograms.


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