Tirupati Inks Ltd FPO

Tirupati Inks FPOTirupati Inks Ltd announced its FPO (Follow-on-Public Offer) open on September 14, 2010.and would continue to be open for subscription until September 17, 2010. ‘Tirupati Inks’ increase nearly Rs 51 Crore -through the Follow-on-Public Offer issue and , The price band for that issue is Rs 41 at lower level and Rs 43 at upper level. Fase value is Rs.10 per share.

Tirupati Inks Ltd is currently involved in the business of production of printing cylinders & printing ink as well as dealing of polyester films and other packaging components. Tirupati Inks Ltd has two producing companies, one at Jammu and another at Kanpur. printing ink is produced At Kanpur

Tirupati Inks Ltd source Polyester Films through well-known Suppliers like Polyflex Corporation ltd, Uflex ltd and provides to numerous clients involved in the business of Oil, Tobacco, Ghee,Tea, Supari, Spices, Milk, etc.

Face Value; Rs.10
Tick Size;
Minimum Order Qty:
Market Lot:
Issue Type is 100% Book Building FPO,

Conduct details of Tirupati Inks Ltd FPO

Address: B-4, UNESCO Apartments,Plot No 55, I.P Extension, Patparganj, Delhi – 110 092

Phone number; 011- 4753 1013,  Fax detail;. 011- 4753 1013,

Email address; fpo@tirupatiinks.com

Website Url; http://www.tirupatiinks.com,

Tirupati Inks Book Running Lead Manager

Ashika Capital Limited are the Book Running Lead Manager for Tirupati Inks Ltd FPO,

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