Tata Chemicals finishes purchase of share in EPM mining ventures

Tata Chemicals Ltd has notified Bombay Stock Exchange that the Firm’s totally possessed subsidiary Gusiute Holdings (UK) Ltd (GHL) has finished the previously published stock purchase of 4,378,000 General Stocks at purchase cost of C$2.00 each stock pursuant to a Stock Purchase Contract dated 23 August, 2011 with founding shareholders of EPM.

GHL also finished the formerly released purchase of single unit (the “Unit”) of EPM at a purchase value of C$16,000,000 (the “Subscription”) pursuant to a subscription contract dated 23 August, 2011 with EPM (the “Subscription_Agreement”). The Unit contains 8,000,000 General Stocks and 8,000,000 general stock purchase warrants. Every Warrant entitles the owner to sign up for 1 General Stock at a cost of C$2.00 each stock until 02 September, 2012.

Upon finishing of the above transactions, and presuming exercise by GHL of all of the Warrants, there will be 121,225,889 General Stocks outstanding of which GHL will possess or control (directly or via its totally-owned subsidiary, Valley Holdings Inc.) 37,055,612 General Stocks, representing 30.6per cent of the outstanding General Stocks of EPM.

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