Tata Chemicals finishes acquiring share in EPM mining ventures

Tata Chemicals Ltd has informed Bombay Stock Exchange which the Firm’s totally owned subsidiary GHL has concluded the earlier released stock buying 4,378,000 Common Shares at buying cost of C$2.00 each stock pursuant to a Share_Purchase_Agreement dated 23 August, 2011 with beginning shareholders of EPM.

GHL also finished the earlier released buying 1 unit (the “Unit”) of EPM at a buying cost of C$16,000,000 (the “Subscription”) pursuant to a membership contract dated 23 August, 2011 with EPM (the “Subscription Agreement”). The Unit contains 8,000,000 Common Shares and 8,000,000 common share buying warrants. Every Warrant allows the holder to sign up for a single Common Share at a cost of C$2.00 each stock until 02 Sep, 2012.

Upon finishing of the above transactions, and presuming exercise by GHL_of all of the Warrants, there will be 121,225,889 Common Shares exceptional of which GHL_will own or control (directly or via its totally-owned subsidiary, Valley Holdings Inc.) 37,055,612 Common Shares, representing 30.6percent of the exceptional Common Shares of EPM.

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