Tarapur Transformers Limited ipo

Tarapur Transformers Limited new IPO listing Tarapur Transformers Limited (TTL) announced its initial public offering (IPO) will open on Apr 26, 2010 and close on Apr 28, 2010. The price band for the issue is Rs 75 to Rs 65.Fase value is Rs10 per share and Tick Size is Re.1. Objective for issue is Expansion and Modernization of Pali Unit.

TTL is in the business of manufacturing, rehabilitation, up-gradation of Transformer. It (Tarapur Transformers Limited) was incorporated on May 1988 as a Private Limited. Suresh Kumar Choudhary was a one of the founder and promoter. Naresh Kumar Choudhary is a Non Executive Non Independent Director of the company. Rajendra Kumar Choudhary is a Director of the company.

Tarapur Transformers Limited(TTL) is entering into primary market with an Initial Public Offer (IPO) of 85,00,000 Equity Shares. Market Lot is 90 and Minimum Order Qty is 90. Tarapur Transformers Limited(TTL) shares are will be listed on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange).

31-Mar-06, the company has reported profit after tax of Rs 11.60 Lakhs (total income of Rs 134.05 Lakhs). 31-Mar-08, profit after tax of Rs 151.41 Lakhs (total income of Rs 1,068.34 Lakhs). 31-Mar-09, it has posted profit after tax of Rs 215.60 Lacks (total income of Rs 2,401.16 Lakhs).

CRISIL has assigned Grade 1 to Tarapur Transformers Ltd (TTL) initial public offer. This indicating poor fundamental of TTL . CRISIL assigns IPO grading on a scale of 5 to 1, the Grade 5 indicating strong fundamentals and Grade 1 indicating poor fundamentals.

Address; J-20, MIDC,Tarapur Industrial Area Boisar, Thane-401506, Maharashtra.

Conduct details

Email address; complianceofficer@tarapurtransformers.com,
Website url; http://www.tarapurtransformers.com/

Phone number; 91-25-25272996, Fax detail; 91- 25-25271181.

Book Running Lead Managers Comfort Securities Pvt. Ltd.

New upcoming ipo and listing

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