Sugar Price’s Hovered Approximately Prior Levels In The National Capital Nowadays

Sugar price’s hovered approximately prior levels in the national capital nowadays on controlled buying against adequate stocks position.

Market experts mentioned restricted buying against sufficient stocks position retained sugar rates unaltered.

Buying process dropped because so many traders were in a festive mood because of Holi celebration, they added.

Following were nowaday’s quotation in Rs for each quintal.

Sugar ready M-30 2,950-3,075 and S-30 2,935-3,050.

Mill delivery M-30 2,740-2,890 and S-30 2,725-2,850.

Sugar mill gate rates (excluding duty): Asmoli 2,875, Kinonni 2,885, Titabi 2,840, Mawana 2,850, Budhana 2785 , Thanabhavan 2,790 and Dorala 2,835.

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