Stocks of HDFC Bank raised more than 2pct hitting the weekly high of Rs 465.85

Stocks of HDFC Bank raised more than 2pct hitting the weekly high of Rs 465.85, after the bank’s Adr, or ADR increased 3.04pct to $ 31.22 on the NYSE on Monday, (29 August, 2011). So far, {over|more than} 0.21 lakh stocks have exchanged on the Bombay Stock Exchange compared to the two-week avg volume of 2.64 lakh stocks.

HDFC Bank’s gross gain increased 33.7pct to Rs 1084.98 cr on 31.2pct raise in operating income to Rs 7098 cr in 1st qtr June 2011 over 1st qtr June 2010.

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