Shares of Chennai Petroleum Corporation (CPCL) raise close to 6pct

Shares of Chennai Petroleum Corporation (CPCL) raise close to 6pct, hitting the weekly low of Rs 203.10, when the share had changed ex- dividend today, (29 August, 2011), for dividend of Rs 12 each stock for the year closed March 2011.

Before changing ex- dividend, the share provided a dividend deliver of 5.57pct depending on the ending cost of Rs215.30 on Friday, (August 26, 2011).

CPCL declared gross loss of Rs 55.12 cr for 1st qtr June 2011, a little lower than gross decrease of Rs 55.31 cr in 1st qtr June 2010. Gross sales increased 56.4pct to Rs 9,895.28 cr in 1st qtr June 2011 over 1st qtr June 2010.

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