Road marking products maker Automark Industries intends to tap capital market

Road marking products maker Automark Industries intends to tap capital market with their IPO of 1.25 cr equity stocks of face worth of Rs 10 each, through diluting 42.6percent stake post issue. The firm has filed DRHP (draft red herring prospectus) along with Securities and Exchange Board of India.

Firm may also think about a pre-Initial public offering placement of up to 25lakh stocks, before the filing of the red herring_prospectus with the RoC.

Automark is involved in the business of making of thermoplastic road_marking materials, water borne marking paints, primers for application of thermoplastic_road marking materials on concrete-roads, cobralite_retro reflective paint.

Additionally it produces road marking machineries that are utilized in the application technique of road marking paints.

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