Reliance Broadcast (RBN) is in speaks with a clutch of non-publicequity investors and strategic_players

Reliance Broadcast (RBN) is in speaks with a clutch of non-publicequity investors and strategic_players to increase Rs 3 to 4 bn through a new stock issue as it seems to inflate its radio and tv impact all over the world, mentioned.
‘We are in speaks with a couple of players, both non-public equity and strategic_investors…we hope to decide the agreement by the next qtr,’ Chief_Executive Tarun Katial mentioned.

RBN has required Yes Bank for the transaction, he mentioned.

The firm, part of the Anil Dhirubhai AmbaniGroup ( ADAG), works it radio business under BIG FM and has just now introduced 3 English GECs beneath its partnership with CBS Studios_International, a part of  CBS Corp .
The company is also in speaks with strategic_players for its live entertainment_business under BIG Live, that executes and owns televised intellectual_property and hopes to create an statement in the December qtr.

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