Ravikumar Distilleries IPO to open on December 08

Ravikumar Distilleries IPO to open on December 08Ravikumar Distilleries, a producer of Indian Made Foreign-Liquor (IMFL), is coming into the capital market through an IPO of 115-lakh equity stocks on December 08, 2010. It has fixed a price band at Rs, 56 to 64 per share.

The firm intends to increase nearly Rs 64.40-73.60 cr via the Ipo, which will be carried out by a book building-process.

It’s involved in the business of producing IMFL under it is own brand portfolio and also under tie up arrangement along with other firms. The Indian Made Foreign Liquor consists of Brandy, Rum,Whisky, Gin and Vodka.




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