Raheja Universal IPO

Raheja Universal IPORaheja Universal entering ipo , The company has filed draft red herring prospectus with the SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India) for its initial public offer of Rs 864 crore.

The company has more than over twenty years of experience in the Mumbai City Area. The firm presently keeps development privileges for 103.48 million sq. feet. of developable place of that saleable area is 70.19 million sqft.

Raheja Universal intends to utilize the proceeds of ipo to meet the development and Raheja Universal IPO Infoconstruction expenses, acquisition of land , land development rights and re-payment of several loans acquired by the firm.

CRISIL has assigned IPO Grade 3  to the initial public offer of RUL (Raheja Universal), this indicating company ‘Average Fundamentals’

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