Punjab & Sind Bank IPO

Punjab & Sind Bank IPO Punjab & Sind Bank announced its initial public offer open on Dec 13, 2010 and would remain open for subscription till Dec 16, 2010. “PSB” raise nearly Rs 480 crore- through the IPO issue, The price band of the issue is Rs.113 (lower level) to Rs.120 (higher level).

PSB is a Indian Government undertaking bank commenced in Amritsar. They were among the 6 nationalized banks by the Govt of India in April 1980, and nowadays, they’re one of nineteen nationalized banks in India.

The main business of Punjab & Sind Bank is taken deposits as well as doing advances and investments, and it is split into retail banking, priority sector banking,treasury operations, corporate banking and also other banking services like agency functions for insurance, distribution of MF and tax collection and pension services.

enhance capital base to fulfill future capital need and Common business purposes are the main objects of the issue.

Face Value; Rs.10
Issue  Size; 470 crore
Minimum Order Qty: 50
Market Lot: 50
Issue Type is Book Building.

IPO Analyst view

it is a good stock for subscrip, it will bull up to 175 level with in short time period

click;- Punjab & Sind Bank (PSB) Contact Information

click;- PSB Book Running Lead Managers


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