Power Grid Corporation FPO

Power Grid Corporation FPOPower Grid Corporation announced its follow on public offer open on November 09, 2010 and would remain open for subscription till November 12, 2010 . “Power Grid” increase nearly Rs 3500 cr -through the FPO issue, The price band of the issue is Rs 85-90,

PGCIL (Power Grid Corporation of India Limited) is govt owned public sector company. Power Grid Corporation operate in the electric power transmission business in India. It has as well as operates a big network of infrastructure and transmission lines which comprises most of India’s inter-regional and interstate electric power transmission system as well as provides electric power throughout India.

PGCIL having a 150,000 transmission towers in India is intending to develop its telecommunications business by renting out around 10-15 % of its tower infrastructure to the telecommunications companies in the country.

The IPO proceeds will be mostly used for building 9 country-wide higher capability power transmission corridors that would value it approximately Rs 50,000 Cr.

PGCIL declared a 41 % rise in its net gain to Rs.651 cr for the 2nd quarter of financial yr 2010-11. The firm’s net gain furthermore improved to Rs.1,354 cr in 1st 6 months compared to the Rs.1,006 cr it announced in 2009

more update come later……….

Book Running Lead Manager

ICICI Securities Ltd,SBI Capital Markets Ltd are the Book Running Lead Managers for . PGCIL.


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