Opto Eurocor Healthcare would increase about Rs 1,000 cr via IPO

Medical instruments manufacturer Opto Circuits ( India) mentioned that its totally owned subsidiary Opto Eurocor Healthcare would increase about Rs 1,000 cr via IPO.

Opto Eurocor Healthcare plan to increase up to Rs 1,000 cr via the IPO, Opto Circuits ( India) mentioned.The promoters will dilute about 25percent share,’ Opto Circuits Director_Finance V Bhaskar mentioned.

However, he rejected to provide a timeline for the public offer stating ‘it would rely on market situations’. Mr Bhaskar stated the profits of the IPO would be mainly used by the firm to set up producing features, 2 in India and 1 in Malaysia.

A part of the fund would also be utilized for putting in capabilities at present factories and fresh item improvements but did not offer a detailed break-up. Opto Eurocor Healthcare creates medical stents utilized in several cardiovascular surgeries.


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