OFSS dropped more than 5% and hitted monthly_low of Rs2030

OFSS dropped more than 5% and hitted monthly_low of Rs2030, after the firm Q1 netprofit marginally bull by 5.63percent, Up to now, 2,379 stocks have exchanged on the BSE compared to the twoweek average volume of 3,196 stocks

Standalone Results

The net gain of the firm marginally decrease by 0.75percent to Rs172.63 cr for the quarter_ended 30, June 2011 compared to Rs173.94 cr for the quarter closed 30,June 2010.
The total revenue of the firm enhanced by 16.22per cent to Rs581.90 cr for the quarter ended 30,June 2011 from Rs500.67 cr for the quarter_ended 30,June 2010.

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