Mutual Funds net sellers on August 6

MFs (Mutual Fund ) made purchases worth Rs 516.10 crore and sold off Rs 839 crore worthy of equities on August 6, 2010, based on information released by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India ). Mutual Funds stood as net sellers of Rs 322.80 crore in equities In August month Mutual Fund’s made whole investments of Rs 2755 crore as well as sold off Rs 3385 crore value of equities, up to now.

Mutual Fund done investments of Rs 2430.30 crore and sold off Rs 1363.50 crore on August 6 In debt segment, according to data available with  . Thus Mutual Funds stood as net buyers of Rs 1066.80 crore on that day.

Additionally, Mutual Funds have poured in complete Rs 11465.7 crore and also have taken out Rs 7176.2 crore in debt market for the month of August, up to now.

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