Marc Faber: Markets could Bear in Oct – Nov

Marc Faber Markets could Bear in Oct - NovThat is right and there normally, I’m even now positive about economic development in the emerging universe. However what disturbs me currently is that at the end of August, sentiment was really bad globally and people mentioned that Dow will fall to 1000 and so forth etc. Quickly today, the consensus is that you have to be in gold , you have to be in equities , you have to be in property due to the fact central banks all over the world will print money.

That’s right, they’ll printing money. However sentiment has become so globally bullish that about almost all property, including particularly rising economies in US dollar words are up. The Indian share market this current year has already been bull 19%, Philippines,Indonesia , Thailand each over 40% and Malaysia 28%,

We curently have large moves and I observe all of the brokers improving the earnings estimates and so on. So I become a small amount concerned relating to this universal bullishness. I would rather think that following a strong month of September – when everyone was anticipating Sept to be a awful month – Oct as well as Nov may be harmful months.

During the past, Oct has regularly been a unfortunate month such as we’d the Oct 1987 bear, we had the late Sept-first Oct 1929 bear. In 1976 as well as 1978, we’d extremely bad months in Oct as well as Nov. So who understands, from this current bullishness, we could have some type of a sharp correction developing. (Marc Faber)

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