Lokmat Media IPO

Lokmat Media IPO Lokmat Media has planned to enter the capital market for financing its development plan. Lokmat Media has filed DRHP with the Securities and Exchange Board of India for IPO issue of 13,829,064 equity stocks.

Lokmat Media publishes 3 news-papers: Lokmat in Marathi, Lokmat Times in English and Lokmat Samachar in Hindi that collectively possess seventeen editions and also fifty eight sub editions.

Lokmat-Media’s flagship news paper Lokmat continues to be the top Marathi news paper with regards to average day-to-day circulation as well as average every day readership in Maharashtra,

Promoter’s Mr VijayDarda as well as Mr RajendraDarda keep 54.75percent stake in firm and also other members of the family keep 45.25percent stake, that will be decreased to 41.07percent & 33.93percent post issue.

Firm plans to utilize total issue proceeds of Rs 368.6 cr for improving current printing amenities (Rs 150.36); building capacity for development to fresh markets (Rs 90 cr), promotion, marketing and brand building (Rs 30 cr ); repayment and pre-payment of loans (Rs 48.23 cr, buying and coproducing Indian movies and investments in IBNL around Rs 25 crore.


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