Life Insurance Corporation New Premium Touch 50,000 cr

Life Insurance Corporation New Premium Touch 50,000 cr The newest premiums of country biggest insurance provider LIC has breached the Rs 50,000-cr level during April,October period of time this current year, a rise of 66 percent from the similar time period last fiscal.

During the 1st 7 months of the present financial, Life Insurance Corporation new premium was at Rs 50,605 cr in comparison to Rs 30,469 cr through the similar time period last year, IRDA mentioned in its monthly data.

Total, the life insurance-industry mopped/ up new premium of Rs 69,706 cr while in April,October this current year, up from Rs 46,689 cr in the similar period last fiscal.

The twenty two private life insurers have accumulated Rs 19,099 cr within the 1st 7 months of 2010-11, up from Rs 16,217 cr in the exact same time period last fiscal.

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