JSW Steel Shares on Monday bulled more than 8 percent

JSW Steel Shares on Monday bulled more than 8 percent on the BSE, raised by the firm’s announcement to increase Rs 462 cr through issuance of-securities to Japan’s-JFE-Steel Corporation.

The Shares , that open on a smart note, and bulled 8.22 percent to settle at Rs 1,129.50 on Bombay Stock Exchange . During the day, the share had progressed 8.91 percent to touch its intra-day high of Rs 1,136.70.

The FinanceCommittee, a sub committee of company board of directors , at its meeting determined to open Dec-13, the issuance of 3,085,814GDRs to JFE-Corporation, on a preferential* basis,” the firm mentioned in a filing to Bombay Stock Exchange .

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