Ipca Laboratories declared the purchase of 100% stock capital of Onyx Research Chemicals Ltd

Ipca Laboratories declared the purchase of 100% stock capital of Onyx Research_Chemicals Ltd. holding Firm of Onyx Scientific Ltd. via its fully owned_subsidiary lpca Laboratories U.K. Ltd. The purchase brings together 2 Contract Manufacturing_Organisations (CMOs) to improved serve their clients on a worldwide basis.

Onyx Scientific has been a chemistry_solutions provider for more than 10 years and will remain to run out of the Silverbriar_(Sunderland, UK) facility under the Onyx_Scientific trade name. Onyx’s capabilities in chemistry services for Medicinal, Preclinical as well as Phase-I/Il programs will dovetail_effectively with lpca’s capabilities insupporting Phase II to

Commercial scale plans. Launched in 2000, Onyx_Scientific is among the famous chemistry services firms in Europe which is a preferred dealer to a few huge pharma as well as biotech customers. Onyx provides custom synthesis, solid_state chemistry, scaleup and cGMP production up to a several kg levels Ipca Laboratories is usually a fast developing pharmaceutical major, having a powerful thrust on exports.

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