Inflation Of Food Increased 16.37 percent On Week Ended Oct 2

Inflation Of Food Increased 16.37 percent On Week Ended Oct 2inflation of Food increased marginally to 16.37 percent for that week ended Oct 2, on the rear of greater costs of fruits, cereals,milk and select vegetables .

Following decreasing in the last week, food costs once again took a northward velocity as well as went up by 13 percent points. Food inflation was 16.24 percent for the week ended Sept 25.

According to the most recent figures, food inflation was influenced mainly by higher costs of wheat, pulses and rice .

Apart from, vegetables turned costly by 19.84 percent on yearly basis, the greatest rise in several months.

Official data unveiled here indicated that on an yearly basis, cereals costs have increased by 5.06 percent.

Costs of pulses increased by 4.89 percent on a annual basis. Additionally, rice and wheat became more expensive by 2.82 percent and 6.88 percent , respectively.

Amid some other food items, milk costs jumped by 21.65 percent during the week in comparison to the same time period in 2009, although fruits became more expensive by 12.75 percent.

Onion costs moved up by .24 percent yr-on-yr. Nevertheless, potato costs continued to drop as well as revealed a decrease of 49.36 percent.

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