Indosolar Ltd IPO

India’s leading photovoltaic cells manufacturer Indosolar Limited announced its initial public offering open Sep 13, 2010 and would remain open for subscription till Sep 15, 2010. “Indosolar Ltd” raise nearly Rs 357 crore -through the initial public offering issue The price band of the issue is Rs.29 (lower level) to Rs.32 (higher level).

Indosolar Ltd is actually a biggest Indian producer for photovoltaic cells. Indosolar ltd produces poly crystalline SPV (solar photo voltaic) cells from silicon wafers using crystalline silicon solar photo voltaic cell technologies for transforming sunlight straight into electrical power through the method called the photo-voltaic effect. Indosolar promote as well as sell their goods to mainly module producers on a business-to-businesssolar photo voltaic platform,

Firm’s factory for solar photo voltaic cells in Greater Noida presently contains one solar photo voltaic cell production line having a yearly capacity of 80 MW that started commercial manufacturing in July-2009.

Yet another solar photo voltaic cell production line having a yearly manufacturing capability of 80 MW is anticipated to be commissioned and will start commercial manufacturing in March-2010, leading to aggregate yearly capability of 160 MW as part of their development program.

Face Value; Rs.10
Tick Size; 1
Minimum Order Qty: 200
Market Lot: 200
Issue Type is Book Building.

IPO Grade for Indosolar Limited

CRISIL allocated IPO grade ‘3/5’ to the IPO of Indosolar, this shows that the fundamentals of the issue are average relative to other listed equities. view;  it is a good stock for subscrip in my long term view it will bull up to 41 price level by vm.venkatesh

Conduct details

Address: Indosolar Limited, C-12, Friends Colony (East), New Delhi 110065, India.
Phone number; 91 11 26841375  Fax detail;. 91 11 26843949
Email address;
Website Url;

Book Running Lead Manager

Enam Securities are the Book Running Lead Manager for . Indosolar ltd.

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