Indian stock markets were exchanging higher, extending prior session’s gains

The Indian stock markets were exchanging higher, extending prior session’s gains, due to good international cues on information that Slovakia will eventually vote towards the EFSF. Index heavy-weights such as ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Infosys, TCS, Tata Motors,SBI, Bharat Heavy Electricals and Oil & Natural Gas Corp were the good contributors to the Sensex. The market breadth stand good. The Midcap, Smallcap indices were also exchanging higher. The Sensex and also the Nifty were exchanging over 17000 and 5100 levels correspondingly.

Amongst the 30 Sensex stocks, 17 were exchanging higher. SBI increase by 2.62per cent, followed by Bharat Heavy Electricals increased by 1.78per cent and HDFC Bank increase by 1.58percent. While Jindalsteel fallen by 1.48percent,

Amongst the sectoral indices, 11 were exchanging higher. Bombay Stock Exchange IT was the big gainer, increasing by 1.42per cent, followed by Bombay Stock Exchange Bankex up by 1.38percent and Bombay Stock Exchange TECk increase by 1.07percent. Bombay Stock Exchange Oil & Gas dropped by 0.16percent and Bombay Stock Exchange HC fallen by 0.02percent

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