India Bagged Main Part In Numerous Hollywood Movie projects

India Bagged Main Part In Numerous Hollywood Movie projects India bagged main part in numerous movie projects being scripted through Hollywood studios. Based on sources, 20th Century Fox,Warner Brothers,Columbia, Paramount, Walt Disney as well as Universal Studios are one of several studios focusing on projects as well as scripts where the India position will be weaved in.

Sources mentioned Indian areas as well as actors will work prominently in Hollywood project as well as co-productions presently in the works. Experts say, approximately $200 million may be operating on India-centric Hollywood scripts that’ll be transformed into full-length movies to be revealed within the next two years. Hollywood actor and producers previously focusing on projects that will involve Indian areas as well as stars include Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Nicholas Cage, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts .

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