Gujarat Pipavav Port IPO Completely Subscribed

Gujarat Pipavav Port  ipoGPPL (Gujarat Pipavav Port ) 500 crore valued IPO (initial public offering ) has been subscribed more than 7 times. The price band of the GPPL IPO issue is fixed at Rs 42 (low level) – 48 (high level) per share. The issue open on August 23 and will close on August 26.

India 1?st private sector port;– Gujarat Pipavav (Gujarat Pipavav- Port ltd) is a developer and operator of APM Terminals Pipavav, APM Terminals Pipavav is situated in the Saurashtra of Gujarat, Gujarat Pipavav has multi-user operations and multi-cargo . The company have the unique right to improve and operate APM Terminals Pipavav as well as associated services till Sept 2028 pursuant for the Concession Deal with GMB and the GoG.

Face Value; Rs.10 , Minimum Order Qty 130 Market Lot 130 and  Issue Type is Book Building.

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