Gallantt Ispat IPO

Mild steel billetsGallantt Ispat Limited announced its initial public offer open on Sept 22, 2010 and would remain open for subscription till Sep 24, 2010. “Gallantt Ispat Ltd” raise nearly Rs 40 crore -through the initial public offering issue, The price band of the issue is Rs.50.

Gallantt Ispat is involved in the production as well as marketing of Mild steel billets, Sponge Iron, wheat flour products and Re-Rolled products.

Financing the integrated steel plant and finance the FlourMill with a capability of 1,80,000 MTPA are the important objects of the ipo issue,

Face Value; Rs.10
Tick Size;
Minimum Order Qty: 125
Market Lot: 125
Issue Type is 100%  Book Building.

Grade for Gallantt Ispat IPO

This stock Fundamentally weak so avoid by

Conduct details

Address: Gallantt Ispat Ltd,Ashyana, 29C, Bentinck Street,Kolkata – 700 069, Sponge IronWest Bengal, India
Phone number; 91 33 22312429  Fax detail;. 91 33 22312429
Email address;
Website Url;

Book Running Lead Manager

Anand Rathi Securities are the Book Running Lead Manager for . Gallantt IPO.

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