Food inflation came into the dual digit number after a gap of 5 months

Food inflation came into the dual digit number after a gap of 5 months, at 10.05 % for the week closed 20 August, as fruits, onion, vegetables and protein-based products turned more costly.

The fuel cost index rose 12.55 % in the yr to 20 August, govt data on Thursday expressed.

Food inflation, as size by the WPI, was 9.80 % in the last week. The rate of cost increase of food products was more than 15 % during the same week previous yr.

This is the 1st time food inflation came into the dual -digit mark since the week closed 12 March, when it was in the same amount of 10.05 %.

According to the official data costs of onion increased by 57.01 % year-on-year, while that of potato by 13.31 % during the week beneath review.

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