Electrosteel IPO

Electrosteel Integrated LtdElectrosteel Integrated Ltd announced its ipo open on Sep 21, 2010 and would remain open for subscription till Sep 24, 2010. “Electrosteel Integrated Limited” raise nearly Rs 248 crore -through the initial public offering issue The price band of the issue is Rs.10 (lower level) to Rs.11(higher level).

Electrosteel Integrated limited, promoted through ECL (Electrosteel Castings Ltd ) is to set up a 2.2 MTPA Integrated Steel as well as Ductile Iron Spun Pipes venture in India, Jharkhand, ECL has received mining blocks of iron ore as well as coking coal in Jharkhand and has set up Electrosteel Integrated limited for applying the integrated steel and DI pipeDuctile Iron pipe industry.

Electrosteel Castings Ltd is a company of producing Cast Iron pipes for more than 4 decades as well as D.I. Spun Pipes. Electrosteel Integrated Ltd are starting the proposed plant close to Siyaljori village of Jharkhand.

To part funding the building of Enclosed Steel as well as Ductile Iron pipe plant which has a capacity of 2.2 MTPA in Jharkhand, Common Business Purposes and Margin funds toward Bank Guarantees are the objects of the Electrosteel Integrated ipo .

Face Value; Rs.10
Tick Size;
Minimum Order Qty: 600
Market Lot: 600
Issue Type is Book Building.

IPO Grade for Electrosteel

CARE has allocated a IPO Grade 3/5 to Electrosteel IPO. This implies company ‘Average Fundamentals’

Conduct details

Address: 801, Uma Shanti Apartments, Kanke Road, Ranchi – 834 008, Jharkhand, India
Phone number; 91 651 2231636  Fax detail;. 91 651 2231636
Email address; eil.investors@electrosteel.com
Website Url; www.electrosteel.com

Book Running Lead Manager

Enam Securities Private Ltd, Edelweiss Capital Ltd and SBI Capital Markets Ltd are the Book Running Lead Manager’s for . Electrosteel ltd.

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