DSC Is Considering Increase Rs 3,000 Cr Via An IPO

DSC Is Considering Increase Rs 3,000 Cr Via An IPODSC is considering a possibility to increase Rs 3,000 cr via an IPO. DSC Director Manhad Narula,, said the firm is thinking about choices including an initial public offer to mobilise capital.

DSC has constructed water treatment plants, roads,urban infrastructure and rail-ways . The firm is developing a few highway work on build operate transfer basis.

The constructions include the Raipur Arrang, Raipur Durg, Delhi Gurgaon Expressway, Lucknow-Sitapur, Sandur bypass and Gwalior-Jhansi . Several (4) of these are national highway-projects.

The highway-project’s executed through the firm in engineering procurement\ contract mode comprise UP Link road and Barapullah Road in the National Capital-Region.

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