Country’s Biggest Car Manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India Recall 13,157 Units

Country’s Biggest Car Manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India Recall 13,157 Units The country’s biggest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India has mentioned it’s going to recall 13,157 units of its 3 diesel driven models of Swift, Dzire and Ritz as a result of possible faulty engine area.

“Maruti Suzuki India right now declared that it will examine the “Connecting Rod Bolt” for 13,157-units of Swift Dzire, Swift as well as Ritz diesel cars with engines produced in between November 13-2010, and December 4-2010,” the firm mentioned in a statement right now.

Of the overall recalls, 4,505-units will likely be of Swift Dzire, 6,841units of Swift as well as 1811units of Ritz diesel cars.

“If the Connecting Rod Bolt is discovered defective, the firm will replace the part free-of-cost,” it added.

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