Change Cell Service Provider Without Changing Cell Number

You might not pleased with your present cell service provider however, you probably don’t want to change a different mobile service provider for the reason that you do not wish to switch your present mobile number.

Here’s good news for anybody who’re not satisfied with their current cellular service provider. It’s easy to switch your mobile service provider with no need of changing your cell number.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has revealed that Mobile number Portability(MNP) will available from 20th Sept . 2009

This implies it is possible to change your mobile service_provider without the need of changing cell number from March 20 2010 all over India. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India also asserted that there’ll be small amount of charge for switching your mobile service_provider from present service provider to new

You can get details on:

process to change mobile service provider


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