CEBBCO Initial Public Offer

CEBBCO Initial Public OfferCEBBCO announced its initial public offer (IPO) open on September  30, 2010 and would remain open for subscription till October 05, 2010. “Commercial Engineers & Body Builders Ltd” increase nearly Rs [  ] crore – through the initial public offering issue The price band of the issue is Rs.125 (lower level) to Rs.127 (higher level).

The Company manufacturing locomotive and vehicle bodies for varied applications for railways and road transport,

Firm is one of the major manufacturers as well as designer in India of car or truck bodies to the commercial vehicles industry having an substantial portfolio of product offerings. CEBBCO also performs refurbishment of railway wagons and producing of parts for railway locomotives, coaches and wagons.

Face Value; Rs.10
Tick Size;
Minimum Order Qty: 55railway wagons
Market Lot: 55
Issue Type is 100%  Book Building.

IPO Grade for CEBBCO

ICRA allocated IPO grade ‘2/5’ to the IPO of  CEBBCO, this shows that the fundamentals of the issue are below average relative to other listed equities.

Avoid with long term view by VM.Venkatesh

Conduct details

Address: 84/105-A, G. T. Road, Kanpur Mahanagar, Kanpur – 208 003, Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone number; 91 512 2521 571  Fax detail;. 91 512 2522 743
Email address;
Website Url;

Book Running Lead Manager

Edelweiss Capital Ltd, ICICI Securities Ltd are the Book Running Lead Manager’s  for  Commercial Engineers & Body Builders Ltd.


For cebbco ipo listing date,  ipo of commercial engineers & body builders, subscription details and info watch daily.

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