Biocon- Biotechnology Company Share Increased By More Than 11 Percent

Biocon- Biotechnology Company Share Biocon- Biotechnology company share increased by more than 11 percent to an all-time higher of Rs 447.90 on the BSE, a day following the company entered into a 350 million United states dollar (Rs 1,550 crore) global deal with the United states-based medicine major Pfizer.

Buoyed through the move, the share made a impressive start, bulling by 11.21 % to reach it’s life time high of Rs 447.90 at the Bombay Stock Exchange.

In a same manner, the Bangalore-based company zoomed by 10 percent to trade at Rs 443.45 on the NSE

More than forty seven lakh stocks of the biotech chief had been exchanged on the stock markets in the morning trade.

Pfizer and Biocon have joined into a strategic international contract for the world-wide commercialisation of Biocon’s insulin as well as insulin analog products.

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