Bharti Airtel pays Rs1,177 crore revenue in June quarter .

The country’s biggest pvt telecommunications operator BhartiAirtel settled Rs1,177.5 crore to the govt in the April-June qtr for licence costs and spectrum utilization fees, more than any other service provider.

Bharti Airtel paid Rs755 crore in licence costs and Rs422 crore as spectrum fees for the qtr over 30 June of the 2011-12 fy, information published by telecommunications regulator TRAI mentioned.

At the same time, beginners such as STel, Loop, Unitech Wireless, Etisalat and Sistema Shyam Teleservices — who bought the spectrum in 2008 — paid Rs81 cr in spectrum fees and licence costs to the govt.

Bharti Airtel was pursued by Vodafone Essar, that paid a merged amount of Rs702 cr for spectrum fees and licence costs through the qtr.

Furthermore, the 2 state-run companies MTNL and BSNL paid a total of Rs612 cr in spectrum costs and licence costs through the qtr.

Other pvt operators that settled spectrum costs and licence costs to the govt include Idea Cellular (Rs498 crore), Reliance Communications (Rs263 crore) and Tata Teleservices (Rs308 crore).

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