Bajaj Corp Limited have fallen 15%

Stocks of Bajaj Corp Limited have fallen 15% following the firm has acquired Uptown Properties and Leasing Private Limited (Uptown), which possesses a plot of land at Worli, Mumbai.

The share is presently exchanging at Rs101, decrease Rs18.10. The share has touched a higher of Rs121 and a lower of Rs99.

Total exchanged volume on the counter stand at more than 2,87,978 stocks.

The aggregate price of purchase was Rs. 750mn, comprising of getting more than of net liabilities of Rs. 495mn and acquire of the entire paid-up equity stock capital from its present promoters at an aggregate consideration of Rs. 25.50 cr. Consequently, Uptown has turned into a totally managed subsidiary of the Firm with effect from Sep 28, 2011.

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