As per the media reports, Bharti included 1.51 mn mobile subscribers in July 2011

As per the media reports, Bharti included 1.51 mn mobile subscribers in July 2011, getting its total mobile subscribers base in the country to 170.7 mn.

Reacting to this, Shares of the Company raised over 1% , hitting the weekly high of Rs408.10. So far, over 1.23 lakh shares have sold on the Bombay Stock Exchange as against the two-week average volume of 2.85 lakh stocks.

Airtel’s consolidated net profit as per IFRS fell by 13.2pct to Rs1215.20 cr on 4.18% increase in consolidated earnings to Rs16974.90 cr in 1st qtr June 2011 over 4th qtr March 2011.

Airtel said income before taxes fell by 17.03% to Rs1719 cr in 1st qtr June 2011 over 1st qtr June 2010, mainly on account of higher interest out go of Rs344 cr (due to the Africa_acquisition and 3G investments in India), and 3G license cost amortization of Rs159 cr. The effective tax rate for 1st qtr raised to 29.9pct, mainly due to reduction in tax holiday gains in India.

The consolidated operating free cash flow was at Rs1357 cr in 1st qtr June 2011. Continued robust cash generation has resulted in improvement of the Gross_Debt Equity ratio to 1.20 in 1st qtr June 2011 compared with 1.38 on 30 June, 2010.

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