3i Infotech Quarter Result

3i Infotech one of India’s biggest software solution company, has released it’s operating results for the 1st quarter ended June 30, 2010.

Income for that quarter was Rs. 6.43bn (US$140.70mn), representing an improvement of 6.8% from the corresponding quarter of the prior year. On a sequential basis, the earnings increased from Rs.632.60 crores (USD 137.41 Mn) in Q4 FY10 to Rs. 6.43bn (USD 140.70 Mn) in the presentquarter.

PBIDT (Profit before interest depreciation and tax) increased by 5.6% to Rs. 1.30bn (US$ 28.50n) over the corresponding quarter of the prior year. In Q4 FY10, PBIDT was at Rs.1.28bn (US$27.84 Mn)

Gain after tax and before minority interest was at Rs. 620.6mn (USD 13.57 Mn), that represent a net margin of 9.6%.

EPS (Earnings per share) to the current quarter is at Rs. 3.12 against Rs. 4.36 in the same quarter of the prior year. The present quarter EPS is to the broadened capital base arising from the equity issuances.

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